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With more Australians looking for virtual healthcare and online medical consultations, there has been a rise in sales-focused online only companies posing as primary healthcare. Many of these offer anything but quality healthcare, with business models based on selling more treatments and more products. They often have little healthcare expertise and limited access to real GPs.

At Cornerstone Health, our purpose is to increase access to quality, primary healthcare for all. Our mission is to provide Australians with a quality telehealth service – one that delivers safe, quality care according to regulatory standards and guidelines. 

Our Sage is an affordable telehealth service built to high clinical standards. We support doctors in delivering general practice services safely and effectively online. 

Whether you need a prescription, referral, medical certificate or a consult with an Australian-accredited GP, you can be confident you’re receiving the best medical advice that telehealth will allow, via Our Sage’s network of GPs. And if you need more than telehealth, we have a network of doctors also available for in-person consults at Our Medical locations.

Our Sage offers a digital doorway into a full range of healthcare services. Whatever your health concern or issue, we have the primary healthcare expertise to ensure you receive the best care available.

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