A seamlessTelehealth App experience

Download the Our Sage app for fast, affordable and convenient telehealth with just a few taps.

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Access Telehealth when you need it

The Our Sage telehealth app gives you more than just easy access to telehealth? We designed the telehealth app to make accessing Our Sage as seamless as possible, so you can benefit from:

  • A simplified log in so you don't need to verify your details every time
  • Real time queue updates so you know where you are in the queue
  • E-scripts and documents, such as your referrals, stored within the telehealth app
  • Starting a GP consult with just a few clicks
  • Instantly requesting a medical certificate which will be sent straight to your device
  • Easiest app I have ever used. When you are sick the last thing you want to do is wait around and fill in forms at a clinic. Thank you Our Sage. 10/10 from me.