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Preparing For Your Telehealth Consult

08 May 2024

Not sure how to prepare for your telehealth consult? We've put together a quick guide to help you get the most from your next telehealth consult.

Here are a few important steps to help you get the most from your telehealth consult when you're not sure how to prepare.

1. Make sure you have your Medicare card details or IHI number handy.

If you don’t have a valid Medicare card, you can still use Our Sage telehealth services. However, to receive an e-script, you need a valid Medicare card or an Individual Health Identifier (IHI).

Don’t know where to find your IHI?
You can find your Individual Health Identifier in your myGov account under Linked Services.

If you don’t have an IHI, you can apply for one here.

2. Ensure your phone does not have unknown numbers blocked.

Some phones have settings that block unknown numbers. Make sure you have this disabled so the Our Sage healthcare professional can contact you without any problems.

Not sure how to unblock "unknown numbers"?

Click on settings and follow the prompts below:

For iPhone:

Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers (make sure this is toggled OFF)

For Android:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Phone.
  2. Tap MORE > Settings > Block numbers > “Block calls from Unknown numbers”
    (make sure this is toggled OFF)

Our Sage will call you from 02 4607 3100. We suggest you save this number in your contacts for future calls.

3. Prepare any relevant health information.

Make the time with the healthcare professional more efficient by having your health information ready before the consult begins.

Key health information may include:

  • IHI and/or Medicare Card Details
  • Name and dosage of your current medications
  • Results from any recent pathology or radiology tests
  • Your height and weight
  • Whether you are/might be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Any allergies
  • Questions or concerns you want to discuss
  • List of symptoms, including the times and dates of when they started
  • Name and contact details of a specialist you would like to be referred to
  • Existing prescription of a medication you are currently taking that you need to renew

4. Be prepared to take the call.

Here are some suggestions to help ensure you are prepared for your telehealth consult:

  • Check that your phone is charged and not on silent
  • Find a quiet place to take the call
  • Make sure the patient who booked the consult answers the phone (you can only take the call on someone else’s behalf if the patient is a dependent)
  • Understand the provider’s limitations here
  • Have a notepad ready to take down instructions from the healthcare professional

5. Processing payment after your telehealth consult.

At the time of booking a telehealth consult, we perform a pre-authorisation check on your card. This is for the requested consult type amount to ensure there are enough funds to fulfill the transaction. This does not result in any charge to you and will show up on your account as a pending charge.

Following completion of your consultation, the healthcare professional will complete the consult to trigger the payment to be processed.

*It may take up to 48hrs for the pre-authorisation charge to disappear.

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