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Get a medical certificate from $19 without leaving home.

14 Nov 2023

Our Sage has introduced a new 1-2 day medical certificate for patients and carer’s, making it even easier to get a valid medical certificate from anywhere in Australia for work, study or childcare.

Too sick to work or study?

With Our Sage, you can get a valid medical certificate without leaving home.

Fast, Easy & Reliable

From just $19, medical certificates are available every day from 7am - 11pm. Simply head to the Our Sage website to request a medical certificate that will be verified by a real Australian-registered GP or nurse practitioner. Once verified, the medical certificate will be sent directly to your email within the hour.

At Our Sage, we can provide medical certificates for:

  • Work
  • School
  • University
  • Childcare

If you need a longer medical certificate for 3-4 days for work, school or childcare, simply request a telehealth consult through the Our Sage app or website to speak to one of our fully qualified Australian GPs. The doctor will assess your symptoms, medical history and any other relevant details and determine if you are eligible for a medical certificate. If you are, the certificate will be sent directly to your phone / email.

It’s important to note that some conditions may require further testing or an in-person consultation before a medical certificate can be issued. If this is the case, your healthcare professional will advise you accordingly and will be able to make the appropriate referrals where necessary.

Is an online medical certificate the same as a regular medical certificate?

Yes, an online medical certificate is the same as a regular one as long as it is issued by a registered and licenced medical practitioner who follows the Medical Board of Australia’s guidelines for online consultations. All Our Sage doctors and nurse practitioners are licenced, registered and experienced in providing online medical certificates that meet all the necessary legal requirements.

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